Great Reviews and Quotes

Like your belt?  Tweet to us at @beltcraft or email us some thoughts at  Here is a look at what people have been saying:


"Belt quality is incredible.  And not surprisingly, my design came out perfectly..." - Justin, Los Angeles


"Finally found the perfect suede belts.  Gotta love a suede belt." - Cory N., New York City


"this is a cool Company..." - the Silentist


"The belt is the new tie" - GQ


"Wow, this is incredible." - Mike T., Boston


"...a lot of people don’t really think of belts as being a fashion/style statement, but more of just an additional piece to the puzzle that is required to complete the look. Well, I believe BeltCraft is going to change that. With their custom belts you can now express yourself with an article of clothing that has always been considered boring and utilitarian." - Made to Review


"As anyone in a longterm relationship will tell you, there are some things you just have to compromise on. Fortunately, how you keep your pants up is not one of them, thanks to the US-made Custom Belts from BeltCraft." - Well-Spent


"Belt came out perfectly - thanks BeltCraft." - Bill, Cincinnati


"Loving my cotton belt on the golf course." - Mike W., Chicago


"Boys, pull up your pants. No, really. See BeltCraft." - Chelsea, Facebook