Trim Your Waist Wednesday Premiere

We recently decided to expand from just belts to all things waist related - i.e. your actual waist.  The link between exercising and belts was all too clear to us and it seemed relevant to you. Exercising is also a hobby of BeltCraft co-founder, Charlie.  So without further ado, here is the series premiere of Trim Your Waist Wednesdays, as presented by Charlie himself.

I couldn't start off Trim Your Waist Wednesdays with something obvious like jogging or crunches (although I do have routines for these activities). I really wanted to start with something that you might not already do.  Something simple enough to understand since I don't have any pictures or diagrams.  Something that I do regularly. And something super beneficial.  The answer was obvious: Pull-Ups.


First off, chin-ups are not pull-ups.  Chin-ups have your palms facing toward you and pull-ups have your palms facing away. We are going to concentrate on pull-ups. Obviously you are all going to be starting this exercise from different fitness levels, so feel free to adjust, but here is how I do it:


My exercise has always been the same.  Complete 25 pull-ups and 40 dips. I get up on the pull-up bar and do them until I can't possibly lift myself up again. Then I immediately start doing dips and do as many of those as I can. (Many people refer to this as a superset).  After the superset I go about my other exercises and come back to the pull-up bar when I am feeling a bit rested.  I do as many sets as it takes to complete 25 pull-ups and 40 dips in total.


When I first began it took me 3 sets.  10 pull-ups, 8 pull-ups and then 7 pull-ups (dips were a fair amount easier).  I am now down to 2 sets (20 pull-ups and then 5 pull-ups).  My goal has always been to do 25 pull-ups in a row.  Having a tough yet achievable goal is really the key to get yourself to stick with the exercise.  Trust me, pull-ups are no fun without a goal.  I should be able to achieve 25 pull-ups within 6 months of starting pull-ups.


How are pull-ups related to your waist you ask?  Well good question, I guess its not focused on the waist.  But pull-ups are truly a full body workout.  Concentrate on engaging your core - don't swing your legs or kick like a dolphin. You will find that it truly requires a rock solid core to keep your body stable and finish 25 pull-ups. Your core will certainly get stronger and you will start pushing yourself in other core exercises - or your pull-ups will remain pretty difficult.  Think of 25 pull-ups as a goal to inspire your full body workout.  Pull-ups are a gamechanger.  Get involved.

Until next week,