Trim Your Waist Wednesday: Competitive jogging

Don't have time to run for an hour?  Don't have the patience?  Just plain hate jogging?  The answer to all 3 of those questions is yes for me.  But since I could only play soccer or basketball a few times a week, I had to find another way to run.  I find that running really works the kinks out of my body that form from sitting on the computer all day long. And gets my muscles all warm and loosey so that I can stretch.  I decided to take running into hyperspeed.


The game that I like to call competitive jogging is very simple.  First, I choose a course, about 3 miles.  (Mine usual course is on the westside highway in NYC from the West Village to Tribeca and back).  Second, I start running it.  


The only rule is that I can never get passed by anybody else who is on foot or on rollerblade. Regrettably, I have had to let bikes pass.   If someone is running a sprint, I sprint.  If someone is roller blading quickly, I sprint.  If someone is running 5 minute miles, I run 5 minute miles.  I never get passed by anyone.


The course distance is absolutely critical in this game. 1.5 miles (in either direction) is challenging yet doable.  It means that the maximum about of distance I would have to keep up with someone is 1.5 miles.  Usually, if they are sprinting they only go a few hundred yards anyway.  The toughest challenges are the marathon runners who are absolutely cruising my whole course or the rollerbladers who are effortlessly pushing me to the brink.  The westside highway is a lot of fun because there are a lot of participants in competitive jogging (although they don't know they are part of my game).  


After I return home I usually declare myself the winner, do some stretching, and feel great about my run.  Jogging problems solved.  Can you tell I love competition?