Favorite Belt Friday: The Ralph

It's our favorite time of the week again.  Both because it's time for the weekend and because we feature our favorite custom belts every Friday, as designed by you, our faithful crafters.


This week's winner is "The Ralph", crafted by WW. Take a look at the creative yet simple suede belt.  WW took a page out of the old BeltCraft men's style guide by doing something very similar to our Blue Skies belt.  He combined multiple shades of blue to make a multicolor belt that is very easy to wear.  Here are some things he did right in my mind:


1.  Started with a suede belt.  I am a sucker for the suede belts.  They are formal and classy yet very much unique and cutting edge.  Everybody should have a suede belt.


2.  The navy belt is one of the easiest to wear. It's not a bold piece that is really going to stand out, but rather a nice finishing touch. You can wear a navy belt to the office or on the weekends.


3.  Bonus points for also incorporating a royal blue loop and light blue stitching. Suddenly WW has a belt that nobody else will have, anywhere.  The colors compliment each other nicely and he can match any shade of blue. 


4.  Great choice on the buckle.  Silver is the way to go in my mind because it gives you much more flexibility.  I like that he went with a polished look and non-roller, because it keeps the belt formal enough for the office.


Congrats to WW.  I am sure you are enjoying "The Ralph".  Check it out here