Tuck It In Tuesday

We have found that some of our site visitors from north of about Washington D.C. are confused on the importance of the belt.  Why?  Because they never tuck in their shirt! They say why should I care about my belt when nobody sees it? Well I have news for these visitors, 1)you are behind the times - the trend is for men to look more put together and 2) there are many outfits and occasions when you should be tucking in your shirt or you are simply a slob.  We are starting "Tuck It in Tuesdays" to teach you exactly when to tuck in your shirt, if not all the time.


This picture is taken from Rue La La who wrote a great article on tucking in here.


But let's start with one occasion to tuck in at a time.  This is a rule from Esquire:

"Always tuck: polo and dress shirts that hang below your hip. Never tuck: sweaters and turtlenecks. Everything else is negotiable."

This goes for any type of pants.  Unless you have a very fitted short hanging button down, it should be tucked in.  Which means your belt will again be front and center and you should have an awesome belt.  And as a side point, when you have a button down that hangs only to your hip, your belt will probably show often throughout the day/night anyways.
Start looking at the "untuck" as something you can only get away with in certain outfits in very casual occasions.  Your default should be the tuck if you want to look nice.  Until next week, start tucking.