Trim Your Waist Wednesday: Sprints and Pushups

I promise I'll get back into exercises that involve weights and a gym soon, but this summer I have been on a no-equipment caveman style workouts kick. I've been spending a lot of weekends away from the gym at the beach so its been mostly out of necessity.  I learned this one from some of my Crossfit friends.  They absolutely crushed me.


The only thing you need is a stopwatch.  How you use it is up to you.  I recommend timing yourself the first time, and then trying to improve off of that.  We actually had a 4-person race.


There are only a few rules. 

  1. You have to finish 200 pushups.  When you have done this, the exercise is over.
  2. You can never let your knees or elbows touch the ground.
  3. You can never be just standing or walking.

So what's the catch?  Whenever you want (need) to take a break from doing pushups, you have to run around a cone that is 50 yards away.  How fast you run around the cone is up to you - it depends on how long of a break you need.  You can sprint, jog, or jog really slowly.  You can't walk or stand though.  Once you finish your run, you are immediately back into the pushup position.


I did about 70 pushups before my first sprint around the cone (I finished 3rd out of 4 but they had all done this before).  Not sure if that was a good strategy though - some others only did about 30 pushups before their first run around the cone.  Anyways, strategy is up to you, just complete 200.  Racing friends is great fun, but it's almost as good to just race the clock.


This is pretty crushing, good luck.


Until next week,