Trim Your Waist Wednesday: Boxing

Just a quick disclaimer before anyone complains about this post: I didn't do any real boxing, as in I didn't hit anyone.  I simply went to a friend's gym and did a "traditional boxing workout."  And wow, I loved it. It was the exact type of workout I liked - fast paced, full body, core heavy, no breaks, lots of sweat, less than an hour. I highly recommend it.

  1. Jump rope - 10 min.  Move around, left leg, right leg, forward, backward, faster, slower. You will be more than warmed up when you are finished - you will be soaking wet with sweat.
  2. Shadow Boxing with weights - 5min.  I used 3lb weights for this. It's most fun with a mirror so that you can pretend like you are boxing yourself.  Work on your form and punching speed.  Keep constantly moving and punching.  This part is best with an instructor who is critiquing you.  Or you can just watch some Rocky movies.
  3. Shadow Boxing without weights - 5min. Your arms will feel so fast.  Now you can take on anyone.  Your forarms, shoulders and elbows will be a bit tired after throwing 10 minutes of punches.
  4. Sparring - 20 min. Now you need a partner and each of you need boxing gloves.  He can hold up his hands in specific places as you try pre-scripted combinations. Try jab jab UPPERCUT. Or jab HAYMAKER.  Good fun.  Keep moving and keep those punches flying. Holding up your hands for your partner to hit is just about as tiring as throwing the punches.  My shoulders were exhausted.
  5. Speed Ball - 5 min. I gotta say, this was impossible.  Could not get the rhythm right. Maybe next time.
  6. Circuit Training - 15 min. This part was definitely the best full body workout of the hour.  So maybe increase it to 20 minutes.  Here was our circuit - 1:30 min on each exercise - zero rest in between. (i) bicep curls into shoulder press super reps (ii) lateral plyometric box jumps (iii) punching with resistance bands (iii) rapid jump rope (iv) pushups (v) planks (vi) plyometric box forward jumps with weight in hand (vii) deep squats (no weight) (viii) crunches.  15 minutes of straight rapid workout is pretty tough.  Especially when you have already been doing it for 45 minutes.

This isn't an everyday workout but I am thinking of mixing it in once per week.  Definitely had some sore muscles afterwards that I didn't even know I have.


Until next week,