Men, Tuck It In

Recently we have been posting articles from other fashion leaders on when / why / how you should be tucking in your shirt.


Apparently people want to hear it directly from the horse's mouth though. To clarify upfront, we rarely advocate tucking in t-shirts and polos can only be tucked on Sundays and at the golf course. Here are some rules to follow for when to tuck in your button down shirts:


Tucking is a Must In Any Remotely Formal Environment. Untucking is not an option at work, weddings, funerals, church, fancy restaurants, or any time you are in a limo. I am also going to add on airplanes. You may think that untucking makes you look young, cool and laid back. Unfortunately, you are wrong. It makes you look immature, sloppy and frankly, disrespectful. You don't want to be trying to stand out with your too cool for school shirttails hanging out. Stand out by looking sharper than the guys with the bagging clothes. Grab a nice belt that you can show off.


Know Your Age. Dressing like you are in high school or college, and not being in one of those places, is never cool. You are that creepy old guy who never grew up. You used to make fun of those guys when you were actually in college. Stop trying to live in the past. Embrace your life now, embrace your age. Like it or not, you now live in a world where people are making instant judgements about you based on what you are wearing - not what fraternity you are in. And those judgements will affect you. Maybe dressing sharper will change your day to day experiences.


Know Your Weight. This is a double-edged sword. If you are a really fit guy and you are leaving your shirt untucked, it almost feels like you are hiding something.  Tuck it in and show off what you got. If you are a bigger guy, you also score by tucking in your shirt. As the gilt manual says "Tucking in will make you look like a guy who gives a shit." Having a belly and a big shirt just loosely hang off of it screams that you are a slob.


Tuck in with Chinos. Jeans are going out of style. Buying $200 pairs of denim that make you look like a clone of every other guy around you just isn't that cool any more. Corduroys, chinos, pants of all other types are making a comeback.  And in all colors.  Good news - tucked in shirts look good with these pants.


On the Golf Course. Don't be a rebellious teen playing untucked.  Get your life together.  Get a cool cotton belt.