A Few Style Rules from Men's Health Magazine


I was cruising the men's fashion writers as I usually do last week when I got lost in one Men's Health's many lists. It was entitled "53 Rules Every Man Must Follow." Catchy. I was glad it got my attention because I came across a few golden tidbits:

Rule 3: The rule of shoes: Black is basic. Basic is boring

If you're wearing black, then by all means wear black shoes. But if you're wearing gray, blue, tan, or a combination thereof, brown shoes will almost always look more sophisticated. There's simply more range, from caramel to chestnut to chocolate. If you wear a belt, it should (sort of) match.


BeltCraft: This lies at the heart of fashion. I never wear a black belt or black shoes unless I am wearing black. And I don't really ever wear black unless its a suit. And I don't really every wear a black suit unless I am going to a funeral. Black shoes should be worn if they are part of your work uniform, but rarely are needed otherwise. So grab a nice black belt from BeltCraft for special occasions, but otherwise you should be wearing something with a little more style, a little more personality, a little more pizazz.

Rule 25: Match your belt to your belt loops

The guys who made your pants had a pretty good idea of what kind of belt would go well with them. If you wear a thin dress belt with pants that have big, airy loops, you will create an unfortunate sexual metaphor. So don't do that.


BeltCraft: We see a lot of people make this mistake when they are custom designing belts on our website. 1.5" width looks better with jeans and shorts.  Fill those loops! But be careful because 1.5" won't fit in your dress pants. Thus, the need for multiple belts.

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