The 8 Essential Suit Accessories Every Man Should Own

A classy and well-tailored suit will look good on just about anyone. But to really make an elegant suit stand out in the crowd, you’re going to want to pair it with some accessories. The right accessory can give a formal outfit a personalized flare or step up a more casual look to something more.

That being said, the amount of suit accessories out on the market can seem limitless. Even though there’s a lot to choose from, all accessories should be chosen carefully and thoughtfully. One gone wrong can crater even the finest outfit.

Read on to get an understanding of the best suit accessories you should own to up your style and express your unique personality.

1. Pocket Squares

pocket squares

Pocket squares are getting a lot more attention in men’s fashion circles, so they should definitely be a part of your wardrobe. Don’t be swayed by the somewhat mundane department store combinations of pocket squares and ties. A colorful and vibrant pocket square is one of the best ways to show off your personality while you’re dressed up.

Find one that highlights a color of your shirt for a more conservative look, or make it clash with the rest of the outfit for a more energetic vibe. A neutral or white pocket square can also be used to tone town a loud suit or brightly patterned tie.

We're big fans of the following brands that sell pocket squares:

  • Knotty Tie
    Knotty Tie’s pocket squares are all printed and sewn in Denver Colorado, and the company uses fabric that’s a mixture of twill from recycled bottles, making the square a good choice for the environmentally conscious.
  • Vanda Fine Clothing
    Pocket squares from Vanda are handmade by the company’s four staff artisans in either wool or vintage fabric.
  • Made Lifestyle Collection
    Pocket squares from Made Lifestyle Collection combine inspiration from the earlier part of the 20th century with modern and affordable fabrics. All of the pocket squares are handmade by the company founder.

2. Tie Bars

Tie Bars

These small metal clips serve the duel purpose of being functional and fashionable. Clip them on your tie to keep it wrinkle-free, but don’t be afraid to opt for one with a design if you’re feeling a bit more expressive. Or just play it safe with a classy gold or silver colored one.

Tie bars are a good accessory because they also help keep your ties in place without damaging them. Don’t be afraid to wear them in any suit situation.

Here are our recommendations of top notch places to purchase a tie bar:

  • Brummell Menswear
    The tie bars from Brummell Menswear come in a variety of unique styles that can really show off one’s personality. The company draws inspiration from fashion designers who had a creative and unique twist, driving them to offer a wide range of tie bars.
  • By Elias
    By Elias offers their tie bars in either antique gold or silver, handcrafting them in the center of Brooklyn through the hand of an experienced artisan. All tie bars are inspired from trips overseas.
  • Donald J Fuss Fine Woodworking
    Donald J Fuss crafts tie bars from exotic woods, which can be used to perfectly compliment a suit and tie. All wood offered is sturdy and holds up well out in the elements.

3. Watches

Mens Watches

In some circles, wearing a watch with a suit has attracted disdain because it’s been associated with ostentatious, and often boorish, displays of wealth. Don’t let this type of thinking hold you back from combining a fancy watch with a nice suit, or a more casual one with relaxed dress.

A classic stainless steel timepiece always looks great in the office, at a wedding, or in a formal setting. More casual watches usually make it easy to switch out the watch bands, letting wearers mix and match colors depending on the circumstances. Watches with a blue or grey face are usually a good accent piece with most suits and dress shirts.

Here are some of our favorite watch brands:

  • Shinola
    Shinola watches are made with an emphasis on quality and more simplistic designs that seamlessly integrate with any outfit. All of their watches are engineered with precision and come with a lifetime warranty.
  • JS Watch Company Reykjavik
    Timepieces from JS Watch Company are designed and assembled in a small shop in Reykjavik Iceland. They feature Swiss movements and European parts, and are handcrafted on a limited basis so each piece has its own unique character.
  • Vortic Watch Co
    Vortic watches combine antique pocket watch movements with modern American designs. The company offers railroad grade watches with high quality lever sets and also take orders for custom commission orders.

4. Cufflinks

Mens Cufflinks

Cufflinks might come off as a but gaudy to some, but they’re one of the easiest ways to set yourself apart in a world with button-cuff dress shirts. The cufflink is a good way for the modern man to show off a bit of style and attitude without coming across as over the top.

French cuff shirts are becoming more and more popular, and cufflink makers have embraced their growing popularity by rolling out an almost endless list of styles. These range from clean and simple, to unique one-of-a-kind pieces that could also have their own display in an art museum.

Check out these retailers for a great selection of cufflinks:

  • Great Falls Jewelry
    The cufflinks from Great Falls Jewelry are all handmade in the United States from sterling silver. They come in many different designs, some of which are somewhat quirky and eclectic (like a love letter).
  • Deakin & Francis
    Deakin and Francis crafts their cufflinks from both gold and silver, and also accepts custom orders. Their stock of elegant cufflinks works well in both traditional or casual suit situations.
  • Augustus Hare
    Augustus Hare’s cufflinks are based off of classic styles that have been updated with modern patterns. Made in Birmingham England, all cufflinks are forged from solid sterling silver with traditional crafting techniques.

5. Suspenders

Mens Suspenders

Suspenders are a pretty retro accessory, but they’ve been coming back into popularity since you can mix and match them with any suit. They can look quite dapper with a casual seersucker suit or fit in well at the black tie affair if chosen properly.

Just make sure to leave the belt at home if you’re opting to wear suspenders with your suit.

Our selections for outstanding suspenders are:

  • Turnbull & Asser
    The suspenders from Turnbull & Asser are made from wool boxcloth that is stitched together by hand. The company offers both adjustable and more casual suspenders that can work in any situation.
  • Leather Works Minnesota
    For a more traditional look, Leather Works Minnesota offers handmade leather suspenders that feature nickel hardware and a Conway buckle. They come in several different shades of brown.
  • JJ Suspenders
    JJ Suspenders features a wide range of suspenders made with a classic Y-back design. Their offerings are more simple and timeless, and the company also ships their items with a sewing kit and interchangeable clips.

6. Seasonal Scarves

Mens Scarves

A good scarf is essential during the colder months, but even a lightweight one could work well in the spring and fall seasons. Scarves have been a staple in men’s wardrobes for thousands of years, most notably in the military thanks to their robust usefulness across all weather conditions.

A colored scarf can be a great way to add some energy to a mundane charcoal suit or black overcoat. Cotton and linen scarves are best for the summer months, but opt for wool and cashmere during the winters to stay warm.

Here are our recommendations of great scarves to pair with your suit:

  • Chenille Scarves
    Scarves from Chenille Scarves are colorful, soft, and luminous. The company offers many different stylish pieces that are woven with a range of colors.
  • Nantucket Looms
    Nantucket Looms offers a more luxurious Peruvian Alpaca scarf that is entirely handmade. The scarf’s a great choice for the colder months and is also good for those with sensitive skin.
  • Oak NYC
    Oak NYC’s scarves are for the more fashion forward, with a more rugged design, but still work well as a fashion accessory or as a guard against the cold.

7. Colorful Socks

Mens Socks

Socks with patterns or bright colors can really change the dynamic of an outfit. While most people choose to save their colorful socks for more casual outings, some of the world’s top leaders have not shied away from appearing in public with some novelty socks. Bright socks are a useful tool for the bold among us who are looing to stand out.

Get started with great socks from the following brands:

  • Rancourt & Co
    Socks from Rancourt and Co are knitted in the United States out of comfortable pima cotton or wool. The socks come in more traditional dress designs, or a more flamboyant fair isle style, making them good for either work or general dress.
  • Nokomis Knitting Company
    Nokomis Knitting Company gives customers the option of choosing from their stock of handmade socks, or working with them on a custom option. Their men’s dress socks are made out of German yarn and are woven with a bit of nylon to prevent them from shrinking.

8. Handcrafted Belts

Mens Dress Belts

A good belt really holds a suit together, both literally and figuratively. The right colored belt helps break a man’s profile in half, which can make them appear taller and slimmer as a result.

The rule of thumb with belts is simple. Always match the belt color to the shoe color. However, don’t just run out and buy the first belt that you see. Many belts are made with cheap leather or canvas material that wears down easily and looks really bad. Investing in quality accessories saves money down the road and also makes you look better once you put them on.

  • BeltCraft
    At BeltCraft, we handcraft all of our belts using only the best quality full grain leather, the highest grade leather that money can buy, so our belts last longer and look better than cheaper belts glued together from scraps of leather. If you're looking to add a beautiful, handcrafted belt to your collection, take a look at our dress belts, or design your own.

As you can see, there are many different types of accessories that you can add to your suit to class it up or differentiate yourself from everyone else out there. It's up to you now to pick the ones that go with your style and make you unique.