Favorite Belt Friday: 7 O'Clock Phantom

Belts work best at the right time. There's your morning, office belt. It's usually dark to match your slacks. Then, there's your afternoon, leisure-hour belt. That's the belt made of suede or cotton. Most importantly, there's your going out belt. This is the belt build for night. It's handmade to make a great first impression. And after all, during the night, the first impression is most often what you leave with people. In swoops in this dark leather belt, titled "7 O'Clock Phantom." As the streets get dark, this belt comes out to play. It comes in black leather. It comes in a cobalt-blue stitching and belt loop. The dark blue stitching matches wells against the dark leather while adding a little flair. To top if off, its rounded belt buckle is polished silver. So, before polishing off another drink, think about your belt shine. It shines best under the moonlight.