Favorite Belt Friday: British Tan

A tan is a sign of elegance. Sun-tanned skin doesn't hide. It shines. And your belt should shine too. It shouldn't hide beneath your shirt or fade into your pants. Your belt is what holds your attire together. It's your centerpiece. This week, Favorite Belt Friday features a tan leather belt. The orange leather creates its tan appearance. It comes with burnt orange stitches just enough dark to pop out against the orange leather. This belt is classy and fun. Tan means you don't hide away from the sun. It's still you, though. It lets you shine out without seeming too over-the-top. Wear this belt to the office or on a night out. It works great with any style of pants. Dark slacks? It'll look perfectly cool against the dark. Beige khakis? It'll match the brownish color of the khakis and shine out with its own tan shade. Add a little style to your life and get a tan without the sun. Purchase: Here.