Insert BeltCraft: Bringing Fun to An Everyday Item

Welcome to BeltCraft everybody. We are about to bring a LOT of fun to your everyday.


Belts as they exist today are boring - brown and black and leather all over. You get to pick fun socks and cool shoes to wear with your outfit, but your waist is always neglected and you are stuck recycling the same brown or black belt. Here is where we come in. 


Our CRAFT YOURS page allows you to craft your own belt in real time and have it delivered right to your door. The power is in your hands - choose everything from the material type to the stitch color. Watch your design change before your eyes, kinda like this:


Not in the mood to craft your own today? You have two options. Choose from some of our Pre-Made Picks or shop the belts that others created on our Recently Crafted page. From classics (we didn't say get rid of them completely!) to some funky favorites, we've got something for every guy out there.


Whether you craft your own or choose an existing belt, rest assured not only will you have the best looking belt around, but it will be of the highest quality. We use leather that is tanned in the country of all things leather: Italy. We then take this leather and hand-stitch your belt in New York City to provide you with the finest American made belt around. Within a few weeks your custom belt is delivered to your door, just as you created it. Oh and don't forget you can submit your crafted belt to be posted for sale on our site and earn money when it does - more details [here].

We're excited to bring you belts that fit your lifestyle. Stay tuned for more information about BeltCraft as well as tips on how to craft the perfect belt.

Remember, don't get caught with your pants down.