From Dad to Grad, A Gift Giving Guide

Buying gifts is not only difficult but can be very time consuming.  Here are a few tips and gift giving ideas just for you:

For Dad

Lets face it, he can probably buy himself what he wants. But would he think to craft an awesome belt with the colors of his favorite sports team? Probably not and that’s why we LOVE giving gifts that the person wouldn’t normally think to buy for themselves. Think about it, for the next football season he already has his go to hat he wears to games and now you can gift him the perfect belt to go along with it.

Here is a game day belt example for the Chicago Bears: Try a navy suede belt with orange stitch. Your dad’s adventurous? Try adding an orange loop to the belt for that extra detail. You can apply this to any team colors!



Is he a big golfer? Likes going casual in the summer? Try one of these cotton belts that are more suited for a dad:



(Left: Papaya trim, navy webbing, navy stitch. Right: See our "Nature" Belt for details.)


For the Recent College Graduate

Time for him to step into the real world. The good news is that the work place is becoming increasingly casual so you can be open with your creation. If you think he needs some staples go with our dressy belts. Try adding a light blue stitch to the belt since he inevitably will be wearing blue shirts a few times a week.

(Left: Cognac leather with navy stitch. Right: Chocolate leather with cobalt stitch.)


For the Recent High School Graduate

Your (insert son, brother, cousin, nephew here) is about to embark on the best four years of his life. From tailgating to the library to meeting a million new friends, you want to send him off with some cool new gear to sport during the next four years. What better than to show some school pride and get him a belt that is super cool without looking like he is trying too hard. We definitely recommend trying out one of our cloth belts. Here are some ideas:


Have some school ribbon you want incorporated into your belt? No problem. You can mail us the ribbon and we'd be happy to include it in your belt! Just email us at to figure out details. Here is an example of a University of North Carolina belt we made:




For the Birthday Boy 

Go wild, obviously! Try making him a bold, bright colored belt that he might not buy himself, but would love receiving as a gift. Add a bold stitch to a brown or black belt or try something like a green cloth belt with fun navy leather trim.


(Left: see Birthday Blue belt
Center: Sage green cotton, navy leather trim. 
Right: Cherry leather, cobalt loop, cobalt thread)


Remember, don't get caught with your pants down.