Earn Money for Your Belt Creations

Create a belt -> Post it to Our Website -> Earn Money Every Time Someone Purchases

Want to know how it works? Read on:
1. Head to our CRAFT YOURS page to create your design
2. The last option is called "POSTING OPTIONS" where you can post your belt to our site
3. Enter a name for your belt and email then hit checkout  
4. We will review your design and if accepted, we will post it to our Recently Crafted Page for 30 days 
5. It's up to you to spread the word like wildfire and promote your belt to you friends via your social networks
6. Every time your belt sells you earn $2 and we give a $1 to charity


Three Important "Rules" to selling your belt:
1. You have to purchase your crafted belt in order for it to be eligible to be posted for sale on our website
2. No duplicate belts can be accepted. If there is a belt too similar to your creation, we unfortunately can't post it to the site. We encourage you to try again in 30 days though!
3. There is NO limit on the number of belts you can sell, which means NO limit on the amount of money you can make!


That's it. Pretty simple, right? For more info check out How It Works.


Looking to save money on a belt? Shopping our Pre-Designed belts or Recently Crafted belts will save you some cash.