"The Belt Is The New Tie" - GQ Magazine

Belts are NO longer just for holding your pants up just like socks are not just for keeping your feet warm. A man's belt is the new way to add fun to your outfit and according to GQ, "your belt is a chance to develop your character."

We're not talking brown or black leather belts, but cotton, colorful and playful ones. High-end and well-known brands are bringing you belts with altering belt loop colors and crazy webbing, as they pave out the new trend in men's accessories. We recently found an awesome photo by one of the top menswear labels, Paul Smith, and wanted to share with you what they've done:

(Photo source: Paul Smith)

So what is it that we offer that brands like Paul Smith do not? Well for starters we have the craftsmanship (hand-stitched in NYC using Italian-tanned leather), but we also can bring this quality to you for less than their $200 price tag. Most of our belts, including a custom one made by you, range from $50-$65 because we aren't selling through a middle man like a big department store. Oh and we also let you pick and choose your color options since we want you to have a little fun.

Your waist has been suffocated with browns and blacks and it's time to let it free. Try it out, your pants will thank us.

Remember, don't get caught with your pants down.