Match Your Shoes Monday: GQ's Best New Dress Shoes

GQ Magazine recently curated an awesome selection of the "Best New Dress Shoes Under $200" and to add to their high quality selections, we thought we'd provide a guide to matching belts. We've picked our three favorites from their list and what we believe would be the perfect belt to match!





Cole Haan Wingtips

Craft Yours:
Black Glossy Leather

Cobalt Loop
Black Stitch
Polished Silver Round Buckle


Johnston & Murphy ($135)

Craft Yours:
Grey Suede Belt
Navy Suede Belt Loop
White Stitch
Polished Silver Square Roller Buckle

Zara ($129) 

Craft Yours:
Chocolate Glossy Leather
Chocolate Stitch
Burnished Silver Rounded Roller



Remember, don't get caught with your pants down.


(Photo credits: GQ Magazine)