The Reviews Are In!

Do you wonder what the BeltCraft experience might be like? Wish someone had reviewed the process for you before you dive in?


Well, Shane from Made To Review did just that. Shane is a BeltCraft customer just like you. He is also the editor of a new men's online resource called Made To Review. Made To Review focuses on men's gadgets and clothing that Shane tests out and reviews just for his readers. 


He got a first-hand look into our company and was able to experience the custom belt process from start to finish. The best part? He wrote about his experience for you to read!



 Here is an except of what Shane had to say:


Thoughts on BeltCraft

BeltCraft is a great website and working with their staff has been very pleasant. The concept is fantastic (build your own belt) and the cost is very reasonable as a decent belt elsewhere is going to cost the same, if not more. In addition, as noted above, the belt has been worn many times now and it is still holding my pants up and looking great, with the only wear being at the hole that I use (this should be expected from any belt).


Endorsement: I highly recommend giving BeltCraft a go and designing your own custom belt. For the price you can’t go wrong and the adventure of creating your own custom made belt is well worth it!


Shane chose to go the CRAFT YOURS route and custom design his own belt. If you dig his belt (like we do!), then craft your own using his selections below:


Belt Material: Leather
Belt Color: Glossy Cognac
Stitch Color: Burnt Orange
Loop Color: Papaya
Buckle Shape: Square
Buckle Color: Polished Silver
Cut: Feathered Edge
Length: 34


For Shane's full review, click HERE. And always remember, don't get caught with your pants down.