Match Your Shoes Monday: Ferragamo Parigi Navy Suede Loafer

This week's shoe comes from an email we received from one of our customers. He wanted to know if we had a suede belt to match navy Salvatore Ferragamo Parigi suede drivers. The answer? We do!


Suede is becoming more and more popular from belts to shoes. What is great about suede is that it comes in a variety of colors and is very unique. Although it is less durable than leather when it comes to wear and water, it looks awesome. We've paired this to-die-for shoe with a navy suede belt. To compliment the silver buckle on the shoe we went with a polished silver buckle of our own. We've also used white stitch to match the stitching you see on the toe and heel of the driver. Check it out below:


Shoe: Salvatore Ferragamo Parigi Suede Drivers

Matching BeltCraft Belt: Custom Cloth Belt, via our Craft Yours page. The picture shows:

Material: Suede
Belt Color: Navy Suede
Stitch Color: White
Buckle Shape: Rounded
Buckle Color: Polished Silver





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