Match Your Shoes Monday: Clarks Sutter Suede Sneaker

This week's shoe is inspired by Time Out Chicago's article "The Best Shoes For Men Summer 2013". Of all the shoes they listed, we were drawn particularly to a new-age sneaker by Clarks called the Sutter. Don't shy away from suede this summer. The Sutter sneaker has a wingtip feel and a white sole to keep it on the edge of casual and dressy (for a sneaker at least). This is one shoe you might even be able to pull off with a summer suit or some fresh white linen pants.


For a matching belt, we decided not to go as matchy-matchy. Instead of pairing the sneaker with a taupe suede belt, we went for matching the sole and the white stitch. You don't always have to match the main color of a shoe - it is completely acceptable to go for a belt in a color that matches the shoe's accents instead. Therefore we went the reverse - a white suede shoe with a tan stitch. Check it out here:


Shoe: Clarks Sutter

Matching BeltCraft Belt: Custom Cloth Belt, via our Craft Yours page. The picture shows:

Material: Suede
Belt Color: White Suede
Stitch Color: Tan
Buckle Shape: Square Roller
Buckle Color: Burnished Silver





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(Photo credit: Time Out Chicago)