Match Your Shoes Monday: Canvas Blue Hawaii Sneakers

We all want a little slice of paradise. Your feet included. These Canvas Blue Hawaii sneakers by Clae Ellington not only look like the type of shoes that would wash up on a Hawaiian beach. They feel like them too. They offer a comfortable fit, perfect for leisure time. They’re casual, but ooze with style. Wear them with jeans for a Sunday stroll. Or dress them with khakis for contrast. Their vibrant colors will pop out with almost any apparel. Designed with palm trees surrounded by waves of blue and green, everyone will surely check out who brought them ashore.


Now that your feet caught the perfect wave, fit it all together with the right belt. We have customized two belts this weeks to provide you with some situational flexibility. Planning on wearing these shoes out at night? Pair it with a suede belt. This belt’s aqua color matches the shoes oceanic colors. And its purple belt loop coincides with the canvas sneakers’ purple sunset. Want something a little more fun? Try this light blue cotton belt. Again, it matches the shoe with a fun purple stripe. While its stitches match the shoelaces, the belt’s grey trim offers a little contrast. Wear it casually with some jeans to your local farmer’s market. Check them out here:


Shoe: Clae Ellington Canvas Blue Hawaii Sneakers

Matching BeltCraft Belt: Custom Leather and Cloth Belt, via our Craft Yours page. The belts are:

Material: Suede
Belt Color: Aqua
Stitch Color: Purple
Belt Loop Color: Grape
Buckle Shape: Square Roller
Buckle Color: Polished Silver




Or, here's something a little more colorful...


Material: Cotton
Belt Color: Sky Blue
Stripe Color: Solid Light-Purple
Trim Color:
Stitch Color:

Buckle Shape: 
Buckle Color: 
Polished Silver




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(Photo credit: Zappos Co.)