Trim Your Waist Wednesday: Cardio Music

Let’s be honest. If it wasn’t for your iPod, you wouldn’t workout. You wouldn’t go to the gym. You need something to motivate you. And no one wants to listen to the sound of running treadmills. They sound like gerbils squeaking.


But, what do you listen to at the gym? It seems fitting that you’d listen to music to energize you; something that’ll pump you up. If you’re into hip-hop, you’ll likely blast the latest hit by Kendrick Lamar. If rock’s your thing, maybe you’ll rock some Vampire Weekend. It gets you going. But, here’s the problem, lip-syncing.


When you’re doing cardio, it’s vital that you focus on your breath. But, when the chorus comes on, those catchy lines make you want to vocalize. Suddenly, your focus shifts from your body to the words. When this occurs, your breath becomes short. It’s not your fault. This is over-attentive song disorder.


Alas, there’s a cure, ambiance music. Critically acclaimed techno band, The Field is a cardio workout’s dream. I’ve listened to their two latest albums on repeat at my gym for over four months. Their songs start out as minimal techno tunes. Every time one of their layered ambient loops approach over repetition, it changes slightly. This slight variation makes it evolve. And it makes you feel like you’re evolving with it. You’ll listen to their song and think, “okay, this is nice, but simple.” But, as the song progresses, the momentum builds. Every slight change progresses the sound. It’s as though the song becomes an airy dreamscape. You can’t help but want to run to The Field.


The Field’s music becomes your surrounding. It pushes your body forward. The songs don’t have many lyrics. But, occasionally a breathy voice groans as though their running beside you urging you on. Or, a quiet phrase will slowly become audible. It’s as though they ask you, are you ready to stop? But, it makes you shake your head. You want to keep going. You’ll feel like you’re running to something.


The Field leaves you feeling as though you had an hour of meditation. It’s like going to yoga. There won’t be a thought rattling in your head. So ask yourself, what does your gym music do for you? Don’t just exercise your muscles; exercise your mind.


Listen to a song from The Field’s latest album Looping State of Mind here:




(All Music Rights go to the band, The Field

(Photo Credit: Runners Connect Inc.)