Match Your Shoes Monday: Tan and Brown Brogues

It's a tough line to walk, casual versus business. You want simplicity, though. You want one pair of shoes. A pair you can wear just as easily to the office as on a walk in the park. In walks these Tan and Brown Brogues by Topman USA. Their dark appearance make them a perfect fall shoe for office apparel. Yet, they possess a lot of creativity. The patterned stitching loops around the shoe. Yet, it's never too much. Its black and tan colors contrast to give it a dark aura. Its colors reminds you of the sunset at a day's end. Its stylish class makes it a must for any outing. Wear it to an office party, an elegant dinner, or just a night at the movies. Wherever it goes, this shoe will never forget to bring its class.

Elegance doesn't just settle on your feet. It straps to your waist. We have customized two belts this week to add some versatility to your matching. First, there's this tan leather belt. Its black stitches match the shoe's own stitching. And its black loop means it'll blend in nicely with any dark slacks you have for work. It's topped off with a burnished gold buckle. Then, there's this black cotton belt. It comes with a dark brown trim to match the shoe's dark persona. Again, its black stitching matches the shoe's stitches. It's darker than the leather belt. But this offers a nice contrast for the shoes. They'll shine out. Wear it at night in the evening shade.

Shoe: Tan and Brown Brogues by Topman USA

Matching BeltCraft Belt: Custom Leather and Cloth Belt, via our Craft Yours page. The belts are:

Material: Leather
Belt Color: Verg
Stitch Color: Black
Belt Loop Color: Black
Buckle Shape: Square
Buckle Color: Burnished Gold




Or, here's something with a darker tone...


Material: Cotton
Belt Color: Black
Stripe Color: Solid no stripe
Trim Color: Papaya
Stitch Color:
Buckle Shape: 
Square Roller
Buckle Color: 
Polished Gold




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(Photo credit: Topman USA Co.)