Trim Your Waist Wednesday: Bathing with Bath Salts

Soreness, it plagues us all. From your morning run to your nightly lift, your body takes its toll. Don’t settle for aching muscles. Have a bathtub? Try a hot bath with Epsom Bath Salts.


Now, I know what you’re thinking, baths really? After all, aren’t baths something you took as a child to avoid actually cleaning yourself? Here’s what’s great about them, relaxation. A hot bath is like a jog. It becomes a challenge to stay comfortable. But, like any challenge, there are rewards.


A hot bath relaxes your muscles. This is no picnic, though. Bathing with bath salts is like going to a sauna. How hot you make your bath is up to you. Though, the hotter the bath, the better you’ll feel later. Focus on your breath. Breathe in through your nostrils, out through your mouth. With bath salts, you want to stay in the tub for fifteen to twenty minutes. A bath with bath salts is going to make you sweat. It’s going to feel like you’re running a miniature 5K.


Bath salts make you feel lighter. When you emerge from your bathroom, you’ll crawl for a glass of cold water. You’ll pant like a dog after a walk on a hot summer day. Your heart will thump harder than before your first date. But, you’ll feel better. Your mind will feel clearer. You’ll breathe easier. Have allergies? Bath salts actually open up your sinuses to relax your breath.


Bath salts are a great way to end your day. They relax you so much that you’ll easily fall asleep right afterwards. Every day is a marathon. It’s important that you rest up for the next one. Don’t go to sleep tired. A hot bath with bath salts rejuvenates you. It releases all the tension built up during the day to let you sleep deeply.


Bath salts are cheap. They only cost a few bucks. You can find them in the health section of many local supermarkets, like Trader Joe’s. Or they’re always readily available at cosmetic shops.


Put in the energy. Soak up a hot bath and feel better. It’s worth the wait.



(Photo Credit: Telegraph Media Group and Epsom Salt)