Favorite Belt Friday: Modern Jean/Khaki

Looking good depends on straddling the line. You want flexibility. You want to give off the right impression. You want to look classy, but with a cool demeanor. This week our featured belt for Favorite Belt Friday fits just right. The Modern Jean/Khaki by Lawrence is all about pairing. Its title says it all. It's your go-to-belt. When you're on a run for a date or a meeting, you don't always have time to think about matching. You want a belt that just goes with it. Its ready to run with any scenario. This leather belt's chocolate color is fun and professional. It'll blend in with your dark jeans for casual time. Then, it transforms with your khakis. It'll stand out for professional hour. But not in a glossy way. When paired against lighter khakis, its black leather screams power. This belt fits to your character. Purchase Here.