Match Your Shoes Monday: Classic Cesario Lo Black Sneakers

They say, darker shoes means business. Well, darker sneakers means class. Sneakers are transforming into a go-to-shoe for night-time soirees. You need a pair that blend into the night. Classic Cesario Lo Black sneakers by Creative Recreation are night-time fun. They'll stand out in a crowd. They're never over-the-top. Rather, they're simple with their color scheme with just black and white. And yet, the black shines off the white. Wear it with your favorite dark slack. Or, for contrast, highlight it against your white khakis. Nightly, it'll draw you the attention. It reminds you. Kids play in the day. But adults go out at night.

And yet, your night-time attire isn't complete. Bring the class of your dark shoes up to your waist with a dark belt. This week, we've customized three belts for matching and flexibility. The first is a leather belt. It's built on class. After all, what's classier than a dark leather belt? Its white loop and stitches match the white heel of the sneakers. And its polished silver square roller buckle mediates the dark against the white. The next belt is a dark suede belt. It's almost entirely black with the exception of its white loop for matching purposes. It's the type of belt that's perfect to blend in with your dark slacks. Finally, there's this black cotton belt. It comes with a light grey trim. It complements the white and black acting as a perfect median for the center of the belt. Check out the belts below!


Shoe: Classic Cesario Lo Black Sneakers by Creative Recreation

Matching BeltCraft Belt: Custom Leather and Cloth Belt, via our Craft Yours page. The belts are:

Material: Leather
Belt Color: Matte Black-Belt
Stitch Color: White
Belt Loop Color: White Loop
Buckle Shape: Square Roller
Buckle Color: Polished Silver




And, here's a matching belt suede belt...


Material: Suede
Belt Color: Black
Stitch Color: Black
Belt Loop Color: White
Buckle Shape: 
Buckle Color: 
Polished Silver



Or, try out something more casual with this cotton belt...

Material: Cotton
Belt Color: Black
Stripe Color: Solid No-Stripe
Trim Color: Grey
Buckle Shape: 
Buckle Color: 
Burnished Silver



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(Photo credit: Creative Recreation Co.)