Match Your Shoes Monday: Bleached Denim Boots

Denim is classic. It's American. When you think of denim, you think jeans. You think about tossing the football around in the mud. Denim is dependable. You don't worry about it. You just throw it on and run outside. They're mean't for the grass. As fall comes, you need boots. But you want something fun. That reminds you of summer. These Denim Bleached Boots by Castel makes fall weather fun. Like the season, their colors are a bit stormy. But their contrast of dark and light blue hits you like a cool wave. They match perfectly with any shade of blue jeans. These boots are about enjoying the cold. They don't shy away. And neither should you. Grab a pair and go outside today!


Your shoes now match your jeans. But when you're rolling in the dirt, you need something to hold those jeans up. This week, we've customized two blue belts for matching purposes. The first belt comes in a dark blue leather. The dark blue matches the dark shades on the boots. And its white stitches match well with the boot's white color. With its dark shade, this belt will go great with any dark slacks. The next belt is a dark blue cotton belt. Its cotton fabric makes it more casual. It's something you can wear around the house. It's perfect for a walk around the neighborhood. It comes with a black trim that matches the dark soles on the boots. And its light blue stripe complements its dark blue cotton fabric. Its combination of blue colors match well against the shoes. It's dependable, so wear it out today! 



Shoe: Denim Bleached Boots by Castel

Matching BeltCraft Belt: Custom Leather and Cloth Belt, via our Craft Yours page. The belts are:

Material: Leather
Belt Color: Cobalt
Stitch Color: Light Blue
Belt Loop Color: Black Loop
Buckle Shape: Rounded
Buckle Color: Burnished Silver




Or, here's something for color contrast...


Material: Cotton
Belt Color:
 Royal Blue
Stripe Color: Solid Light-Blue
Trim Color: Black
Stitch Color: 
No Stitch
Buckle Shape: 
Buckle Color: 
Burnished Silver




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(Photo credit: 2013 Airwair Intl. Ltd.)