Match Your Shoes Monday: Light Brown Chukka Boot

Winter is coming. As the days grow shorter, the nights become longer. It's rough out there in the cold dark. It's time to change out your summer sneaks for something more durable, a pair of sturdy boots. Yet, you want something slick and fashionable. That stands out in the dark. Out from the shadows comes these light brown Chukka Boots from Timberland. They come in a strong light brown. They keep you in a summer mood even when the snow's pounding down. Their light blue stripe above their heel gives it color texture. It reminds you of a walk along the river on a beautiful day outside. Wear it with dark slacks for color contrast. Or match it with some beige khakis. Rain or snow, you're ready for what comes. 


Belts are never go out of season. They're the summer soldiers and the winter warriors for your apparel. Their job is always to tie it all together. This week, we've customized two belts for flexibility with your wardrobe. The first belt comes in light-brown leather. Its stitches are light blue to match the stitching above the Chukka Boot's heel. It's topped off with a rounded roller buckle that comes in burnished gold. The burnished gold adds just enough dark to the belt. It matches well against light or dark clothing. It's the belt you won't ever think twice about wearing. Next, the second belt comes in a peanut colored suede. Like the leather belt, it comes with light blue stitching to match the Chukka Boots. However, its belt comes in polished gold square roller. The polished gold goes nicely with the darker brown color of the belt. It wont ever feel too dark. And, after all, you want to stay bright in the winter.



Shoe: Earthkeepers Stormbuck Lite Chukka Boot by Timberland

Matching BeltCraft Belt: Custom Leather and Cloth Belt, via our Craft Yours page. The belts are:

Material: Leather
Belt Color: Bone
Stitch Color: Cobalt
Belt Loop Color: Match Belt
Buckle Shape: Rounded Roller
Buckle Color: Burnished Gold



Or, here's something for color contrast...


Material: Suede
Belt Color:
Stitch Color: Cobalt Blue
Belt Loop Color: Match Belt
Buckle Shape: 
Square Roller
Buckle Color: 
Polished Gold




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(Photo credit: 2011-2013 TBL Licensing LLC.)