Match Your Shoes Monday: Black Men's Dress Shoe Lace-Ups

Black is back and it means business. As the days grow darker, match it with the right footwear. Nothing is classier than dark leather shoes. Try these affordable Black Dress Lace-Ups from Call It Spring. The lace-ups dark leather shine is both strong and alluring. It's the dark that shines in the light. It tells people you mean business. It marches into the office and leaves in stride. And it's a great complement for any night out on the town. They'll make you feel like the boss of your own life. Grab a pair and emerge from the shadows into the light. 


The dark in handsome doesn't settle just on your feet. To become a tall, dark and handsome gentleman, it takes the complete attire. You need to be strapping. And what says strapping than the right belt. This week, we've customized two belts for matching purposes for your new dress shoes. This dark leather belt is a perfect complement in class. Its glossy black color matches the shoes perfectly. And its buckle comes as a square roller in polished gold. The gold contrasts the belt's dark leather. Nothing shines better in the dark than gold. This belt lets them know you're dark and golden. Next, this dark suede belt also matches the shoe's dark leather. The exception: this belt comes with a square buckle in a polished silver. Silver isn't settling for second. It's about shining bright in the night.  



Shoe: CHAIDEZ, Dark Men's Dress Lace-Ups by Call It Spring

Matching BeltCraft Belt: Custom Leather and Cloth Belt, via our Craft Yours page. The belts are:

Material: Leather
Belt Color: Glossy Black
Stitch Color: Black
Belt Loop Color: Black Loop
Buckle Shape: Square Roller
Buckle Color: Polished Gold



Or, here's something for color contrast...


Material: Suede
Belt Color:
Stitch Color: Black
Belt Loop Color: Match Belt
Buckle Shape: 
Buckle Color: 
Polished Silver



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(Photo Credit: 2005-2013. The Aldo Group Inc.)