Match Your Shoes Monday: Highlands Navy Brown Chukka Boots

As winter rolls in, it's time to rely on a fresh set of boots to keep you moving. From rain to snowstorms, boots get you where you to be. Boots are sturdy. They're meant to get you through the day. Boot make you tough, but they aren't all the same. The right boot shows your strength of style. Highlands Navy Brown Chukka Boots by Florsheim are the type of boots that keeps them looking. These chukka boots come in a grayish brown color offset by the shoe's dark navy throat. The brown of the boot is very strong giving off the impression that's battled through many a winter. The navy blue is dark as the sea. It catches the eye in a wave. This boot isn't just a survivor, though. Wear it out on a night out. Instead of sliding on ice, you'll slide into style. 


A boot keeps you going, but a belt keeps you together. With winter around the corner, don't let your pants sag low. Persevere in the cold with the right belt. This week, we've customized two belts for matching flexibility. First, there's this dark blue leather belt. The belt matches the chukka boot's dark navy. The belt comes with a papaya loop and tan stitchings to match the boot's grayish brown background. To top if off, the belt comes with a burnished gold buckle. The burnished gold matches the aged class of the boot. This belt's perfect for an alternative, fun belt that's office-friendly. Next, there's this dark brown suede belt. This belt contrast the boot's grayish brown color with its own darker brown suede. It comes with a blue loop and stitches to the match the boot's navy blue. The loop is just light enough to add a little pop to your style. 



Shoe: Highlands Navy Brown Chukka Boots by Florsheim 

Matching BeltCraft Belt: Custom Leather and Cloth Belt, via our Craft Yours page. The belts are:

Material: Leather
Belt Color: Cobalt
Stitch Color: Tan
Belt Loop Color: Papaya Loop
Buckle Shape: Rounded
Buckle Color: Burnished Gold



Or, here's something with a reversed color scheme...


Material: Suede
Belt Color:
Stitch Color: Cobalt Blue
Belt Loop Color: Royal Blue
Buckle Shape: 
Square Roller
Buckle Color: 
Burnished Silver



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(Photo Credit: 2013 Florsheim Shoes, Inc.)