Match Your Shoes Monday: Todd Snyder Army Issue Hi Twill Sneaker

There's strength in appearance. First impressions come from a character's toughness. It's the firm handshake. But, more so, it's how you move. It's how you carry yourself. Nothing says tough like army tough. These Todd Snyder Army Issue Hi Twill Sneakers by SeaVees provide the saunter of a soldier. These sneakers come in a grey twill. Their white laces contrast perfectly against the sneaker's dark grey background. For style, the shoe's sole and toecap are a light brown. These shoes aren't afraid to play in the dirt. But you'll want to take them out for a drink in the evening. Meet someone new with these fresh pair of sneakers. You'll move with strength. Go to battle today. 


It isn't only your shoes that move you to confidence. Your belt holds you firm. It keeps your shirt strongly tucked and your slacks upright. This week, we've customized two belts for matching purposes with these army sneakers. First, there's this grey leather belt. Its white loop and stitches brighten the belt against its grey leather. Meanwhile, its burnished silver buckle blends in with the leather. Its contrast of grey and white matches the sneakers. This belt is strong enough for any situation. Wear it for a hard day's work. Or wear it out with friends. Its bright enough to draw attention, but it never imposes. It stands strong. Then, there's this grey suede belt. Again, its white loop and stitches match the sneaker's laces. But it's the polished silver buckle that brings the belt together. It shines against the grey suede material. Buy one today and be belt strong. 



Shoe: Todd Snyder Army Issue Hi Twill Sneakers by SeaVees 

Matching BeltCraft Belt: Custom Leather and Cloth Belt, via our Craft Yours page. The belts are:

Material: Leather
Belt Color: Grey
Stitch Color: White
Belt Loop Color: White Loop
Buckle Shape: Rounded
Buckle Color: Burnished Silver



Or, here's something with a reversed color scheme...


Material: Suede
Belt Color:
Stitch Color: White
Belt Loop Color: White
Buckle Shape: 
Square Roller
Buckle Color: 
Polished Silver



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(Photo Credit: 2013 SeaVees)