Our Quality

  • Individually Hand crafted every time.

    We have the unique ability to guarantee our products since they are all made to order and made in America. Since we make every belt one at a time, we can nail every last detail.


    Guaranteed Quality. If you ever need something on your belt fixed, send it back and we will take care of it. We recommend stitching on all of our belts. Although we can make belts without stitching, the durability of the belt is much greater when it is stitched. For feathered edge belts, stitching is a must!


    Guaranteed Fit. Didn't get the size right? We can fix that for you right away. Check out our FAQ page for information on re-sizing.

  • The Real Question: Will it Last?

    Don't run off and buy the first $30 belt you see. We are belt specialists. We live and breathe belts. Therefore, we are able to guarantee our stitched belts. If your stitched belt somehow breaks at any time, you can send it back to us and we will repair it or replace it. If you order a belt that is non-stitched, please note that the belt isn't reinforced like our stitched belts. Typically non-stitched belts will show wear compared to stitched belts. If you are looking for a feathered belt, be sure to choose stitched! 


    Our leather is full-grain. What does that mean? It is the most durable leather you can find. There are no corrections made to the leather and we use an organic vegetable tanning process to give it color. Occasionally, some natural marks can be seen in the leather, truly making it one-of-a-kind. Think about it, the more correction, the thinner and faker your leather will be. No one wants that.


    Our suede is vibrant silky nap calf-suede.  This variety of suede is thicker and stronger than other softer suedes, making it perfect for great-looking belts.  Remember, even though we use the strongest variety of suede, you should make every effort to avoid getting it wet or stained. 

    Our cotton is heavyweight cotton webbing that is about 2mm thick.  This makes an extremely durable and resilient casual belt.  We carefully add our fine leather that is stitched to either end of the cloth belt. 

    Our buckles are made in America from all natural brass. No flimsy, light metal will pass the loops of our belts. You can feel the difference when you hold one of our buckles.