Crafting Ideas

You wear a Belt All Day, every Day - Mix It Up a Bit.

Belt #1: Bolder is Better
  • Match your belt to your sunglasses to your shoes. Party time.
  • Bringing attention to your waist is hopefully a good thing.
  • How about forest green leather with yellow stitch and yellow belt loop?
  • You can't wear a black belt to the next white party.
  • Jeans and shorts need a more casual belt - go with the straight edge.
  • Look at Recently Crafted for ideas from other Crafters.

Belt #2: Your Active Life

  • Colorful belts are a must on the golf course.
  • Tough, straight-edge leather belts are great for working in jeans.
  • Beach town belts should be light with colored accents.
  • Get into the holidays - 4th of July to the Super Bowl.
  • You can't honestly go sailing in a brown belt. It's maritime law. 
  • There are few activities where you want your pants to fall down.

Belt #3: Design for a Group or Team

  • Subtle enough for work, loud enough to show fan support.
  • Your allowed to jump on a bandwagon to make a killer belt.
  • Grey suede with red stitch and a red belt loop...
  • We would be shocked if there isn't a Fighting Irish belt soon.
  • Get the rest of your group to buy, and you make money.
  • Get all Chicago Bears fans to buy, and you make a lot of money.

Belt #4: Casual Fridays

  • You've gotta venture outside of black and brown.
  • Dark blues and dark greens are easy, breezy.
  • Stitching is subtle, except for very light stitch on dark belts.
  • Try grey suede with navy stitch.
  • No clue on buckle? Use a burnished silver buckle.
  • Probably want a feathered edge for dress pants.

Belt #5: Sometimes You Have to Keep it Classic

  • Matching the stitch color and belt color is standard.
  • Polished shiny buckles are more formal.
  • Stick to black, dark browns and burgundy.
  • Dress pants require a dressy belt - go with the feathered edge.
  • You need a belt to match each pair of dress shoes, duh.
  • Try out suede, especially if you sit in an office all day.


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